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Leash Lengths

Our standard lengths for the Classic and New Slip leashes are 4 or 5 feet. 

Our standard lengths for the Multiway leash is 5, 6 or 7 feet.

If you would like a leash shorter than 4ft, kindly leave a comment at checkout.

Multiway length recommendation:

5ft is good to be used handheld.

6ft can be used handheld or around your waist.

7ft can be used handheld, around your waist or over shoulder.

This recommendation is based on 1.6m-1.7m hooman height and a medium sized dog. Please do measure to ensure the length is comfortable for you and your pet.

As the multiway leash is measured from snap to snap. Please take into account that one end would be folded over to create either a handle loop, going around the waist or across the shoulder.

Eg. After folding one end over to create the handle loop, the resultant leash length a 5ft multiway would be approximately 4ft.

New Slip length recommendation:

When choosing a leash design with the New Slip feature, do take into consideration your dog's neck circumference. 

The resultant leash length would be shortened by that measurement when the New Slip feature is in use.

Eg. A 4ft New Slip Leash on a dog with 1ft neck circumference would have a resultant leash length of:

4ft when attached to a separate collar/harness

3ft when used as a Slip leash