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About Us

Couple of years ago, 2 beautiful puppies entered our lives. Big Boss is a sweet and gentle Golden Retriever and Olly is a sassy but very affectionate Goldendoodle.    

Growing up, Big Boss was the accommodating big brother and Olly gets into trouble almost on a daily basis. One such example is destroying her leashes. She often plays tug of war with it, biting onto the leash and tugging us in the direction she wants to go. A leash could last us anything from one walk to a couple of weeks if we are lucky. 

Eventually, Olly outgrew this behaviour. (Thank goodness!) I believe a large part of it was because we switched to using a front lead harness. However, this led to another issue. Most of the sturdier rope leashes came with a large and heavy snap hook. It bothers me that the metal snap hook hits against her forearm every time she takes a step. I tried customising online but the snap hooks offered were pretty standard. As we take the pups on 4 walks a day, the need for a suitable leash for Olly very quickly became something I couldn't sit on anymore.

That's when I started putting 'the ideal leash for Olly' together. It had to be comfortable in my hands and sturdy enough to withstand tugging, light enough so it is comfortable for Olly and most importantly, the snap hook needs to be small enough so it doesn't hit against her forearm. I experimented with different rope materials, rope braidings, snap hooks, rope tying techniques and mixing of dyes to achieve the colours I have in mind. Throughout this journey, Olly and Big Boss helped test the integrity of the leashes and have been enjoying their ideal leash, made specially for them.

We hope with all the customisation options available, you will be able to find your ideal leash too!

- Geri, Big Boss & Olly