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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

  • Remove leather handle/name tag before washing
  • Frequent washing will cause the colours to fade slightly
  • Avoid dragging the leash on the floor
  • Do not soak or use bleach

Washing Instructions

  • 100% cotton
  • Hand-wash with mild detergent
  • To speed up the drying process, squeeze out excess moisture by pressing it between dry towels before hanging in an airy area to dry

Polishing the brass hardware on your leash

Brass doesn't rust but it does oxidise with time to give an antiqued look. This doesn't affect the reliability of the snaps at all, so polishing it is not necessary. It'll work just fine as is.

But if you prefer its light gold, shiny new appearance, then give this a try. It takes only a couple of minutes.

Today, we're using a super simple homemade paste with just 3 ingredients:
Salt, baking soda and hot water.