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Rope Sizes


Recommended for teacup breeds and dogs below 5kg.

Uses the 1/4" rope which has 400 Lb. Avg. Tensile Strength


Recommended for medium to large breeds such as Frenchies, Shiba inus, Schanuzers, Pomskies, Retrievers and dogs above 3kg.

Uses the 3/8" rope which has 1,125 Lb. Avg. Tensile Strength


Recommended for extra large breeds such as Great danes, Malamutes, Mastiffs, and generally dogs who tugs alot.

Uses the 1/2" rope which has 1,500 Lb. Avg. Tensile Strength





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Nature of our 100% cotton rope, with ZERO synthetic fillers.
These 3-strand twisted ropes are slightly stretchy, gets a little thicker in diameter and shrinks a tad in length when it gets wet. So you may notice some variations from piece to piece and also on the same piece over time. This is usually around 10%.