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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dog Harness for Your Furry Friend

When it comes to ensuring the comfort, safety, and well-being of your canine companion, choosing the right dog harness is paramount. With a plethora of options available in the market, selecting the perfect harness may seem overwhelming. Fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the considerations and help you make an informed decision for your furry friend.

How do I know what harness to get my dog?

Choosing the right harness starts with understanding your dog's size, breed, and specific needs. Measure your dog's girth, ensuring the tape is snug but not tight, to determine the appropriate size. Consider the purpose – whether it's for daily walks, training, or specific activities like running or hiking.

What type of harness is best for a dog?

The best type of harness largely depends on your dog's behavior, size, and activity level. For dogs that tend to pull, a front-clip harness can discourage this behavior. Back-clip harnesses are great for well-behaved dogs, providing comfort and freedom of movement.

Pro Tip: Explore the range of Active Harnesses by Boss & Olly. Recommended for dogs that pull or lunge, these harnesses come with a convenient grab handle on the back, making it easy to assist your dog in getting on and off the car.

How do I choose the right harness?

Consider your dog's comfort, the harness's material, and its adjustability. A good harness should fit snugly without chafing or restricting movement. Look for adjustable features to ensure a customized fit, and opt for breathable materials to prevent overheating.

Pro Tip: The Adjustable Harness, especially suitable for smaller dogs, by Boss & Olly offers a perfect balance of comfort and adjustability, allowing you to tailor the fit to your dog's unique proportions.

What is the best harness for a dog who pulls?

If your dog is an enthusiastic puller, a no-pull harness with a front attachment can be highly effective. This design redirects their attention, discouraging pulling behavior. Ensure proper fit and choose a harness with padding to prevent discomfort.

What is the best harness for escape artists?

For dogs who excel at Houdini-like escapes, a secure and snug-fitting harness is essential. Opt for a harness with multiple points of adjustment, a neck buckle, and  durable, lockable closures. A neck buckle avoids having to slip the harness over the dog's head, which often results in the harness being too loose at the neck.

What is the best harness for night walks?

Night walks require added visibility for safety. Look for harnesses with reflective elements or those made from reflective materials. LED, reflective ot glow-in t-the-dark harnesses are also excellent options for ensuring your dog remains visible in low-light conditions.

Pro Tip: Enhance your night walks with the fully reflective Mystique Harness or HoloGlam Harness by Boss & Olly. Their reflective designs not only add a stylish touch but also ensure fluffy dogs stand out during nighttime adventures. You can even add your dog's name in glow-in-the-dark on the grab handle of their Active Harness.

What is the best harness for easy maintenance?

Easy-to-clean harnesses are a blessing for busy pet parents. Opt for materials that are machine washable or can be wiped down effortlessly. Quick-drying fabrics are also a plus for dogs who love water adventures.

Pro Tip: Our harnesses, including the scratch, dirt, and water-resistant Active Harness, are both machine washable and quick drying, ensuring easy maintenance.

Choosing the right harness is a thoughtful process that considers your dog's unique characteristics and your specific needs. By understanding the options available and tailoring your choice to your furry friend, you'll be well on your way to enjoyable and comfortable walks together. Explore the curated selection at Boss & Olly for harnesses that blend functionality, style, and safety seamlessly into one.

Remember, a happy and comfortable dog makes for enjoyable outings and lasting memories. Happy harness hunting!

Pop-ups and Stockists: We understand that achieving the perfect fit is crucial. Join us at our upcoming events or visit our stockists, where you can bring your pup to try on sizes. Additionally, we offer size exchanges (for non-personalized harnesses) to ensure your satisfaction.