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As these leashes are handmade, although best efforts will be put in to ensure consistency, there may be slight variations in length and colour.

The colour of the leash will age over time. This is because we use an eco-friendly, non-toxic dye and a gentle colour fixer. We make it a point to avoid anything chemically harsh as these leashes come into close contact with our pets' skin. Many of our pets also carry their leash in their mouth at some point. Between harsh dyes but bright, colourful leashes and safe dyes which will fade over time, we choose the latter.

Colour transfer when wet or due to friction may occur during initial uses.

Consumers are responsible for determining the suitability of the leash for their pets' use.

By purchasing this product, the consumer will assume all responsibility and liability. Boss and Olly will not be held responsible for any injuries or damage resulting from the use of our products.

Our leashes and collars are NOT chew-proof, do supervise your pet when they are in use.

For the safety of your pet, please inspect the leash frequently for signs of wear and tear before walks and replace when necessary.