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Leash Designs

Classic Leash

Handle loop on one end and a swivel snap on the other.


New Slip Leash

Handle loop on one end and the New Slip feature on the other. 


  • Attach snap to a separate collar or harness to use it as a regular leash
  • Use it as a slip leash

The New Slip feature consists of:

  • Floating ring to create the slip
  • Restrictor ring (self-adjustable) to limit the tightness of the slip
  • Faux leather stopper to prevent the slip portion from getting too loose when the leash is relaxed
  • Swivel snap



Multiway Leash

Comes with 2 self-adjustable O rings and swivel snaps on both ends.


  • Tether to a railing or your chair when at a cafe
  • Adjustable leash length
  • Handsfree leash walking by attaching the leash around your waist or across your shoulder


Pic above: 7ft multiway

Multiway + New Slip Leash

This combination of the Mulitway and New Slip feature will give you loads of versatility.

The leash will come with:

  • 2 moveable O rings for the multiway feature
  • 1 floating O ring, 1 restictor ring and a faux leather stopper
  • Swivel snaps on each end

Do note that additional features = additional hardware = additional weight. This will be more apparent with the brass hardware and barely noticeable if you going with the rose gold hardware.