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Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab
Two-tone Message Tab

Two-tone Message Tab

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Convey important messages about your pup by attaching these customised message tabs to the end of any leash. Let people around know what to expect and what to avoid.

This can minimise:

1. Potentially awkward situations

2. Repeating the dos and don'ts to strangers who approach your pup

3. Stressing a nervous or reactive pup out 

4. Being disrupted during a training session

For example if you have a friendly dog who is ever-ready to give hugs and kisses, you can communicate that by having the message "Free Hugs" or "Free Kiss".

If you have a dog who takes a while to warm up, "Ask to Pet" or "Do not approach".

If you have a dog in training, "In Training" or "Do not distract".

If you have a working dog, "Medical Alert Dog", "Do not Pet", "Working Dog", "Service Dog" .

If you have a nervous, shy or reactive dog "Give me Space".

If you have a dog with food allergies, "Do not Feed".


They are made using the 19mm width Biothane®USA straps.

Solid brass snaps in Gold (original brass colour) or plated Rose Gold: suitable for medium to large size dogs.

Zinc alloy plated Light Gold or Rose Gold snaps, suitable for small to medium size dogs under 20kg. Lighter than the brass snaps but not as recommended for the beach as it is harder to wash out sand from the crevice of the snap.

 *plated colours are more prone to scratches whereas the raw brass can be polished

Choosing the length

The 18 inch message tab can fit approximately 15 characters.

The 15 inch message tab can fit approximately 9 characters.

Measured from mid of O ring to the end of the snap (+/- 3cm).


Simply wipe down with a wet wipe or damp cloth for light cleaning, or use warm soapy water for thorough washing. 

The screws can also be removed for more extensive cleaning if required.

Insect repellents containing deet may cause staining or pitting on the Biothane straps. 

It is also possible for certain colours, especially fluorescent colours, to transfer from the Beta rolls or finished products onto hair, skin or fabric. These colours are not hazardous and they should not present a health or safety hazard.  If colour transfer happens, wash with soap and water.


Choose from 18 font colours, 24 icons and 5 font to match your pup's style and personality.  Have messages imprinted on One side or both sides of the tab.

Note: We will add our signature double strokes on the front side of the 18 inch tabs if space permits. The 15 inch tabs will not come with the double strokes.


The standard font for the message tab is Font no. 2 as it is the boldest and displays the messages most prominently. However, if you prefer font no.1 or 3, please leave a message at check out.

If you would like the text in other languages, we will select the font for you.

Do let us know if you have other icon suggestions too.

Note: A slight sheen may be present on certain areas of the strap surface after personalisation. This is more noticeable on darker straps than lighter straps.